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State Campaigns

State Campaigns

2003-2020 - Senate Democrats

For 16 years, Foundation Public LLC’s Chris Lehman served as a top consultant and strategist for four consecutive leaders of the California State Senate and Senate Democrats.  In 2004, under the leadership of Senator Don Perata, the Senate Democratic Caucus emerged as the progressive tip of the spear in opposition to Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger


Then under the leadership of Senator Darrell SteinbergSenate Democrats won the first two-thirds Supermajority since 1965


Under Senator Kevin DeLeon and Senator Toni Atkins, Senate Democrats expanded the Supermajority - passing nationally significant progressive legislation on climate Change, women’s rights, and historic equal rights for farmworkers, as well as helping California overtake the United Kingdom as the fifth largest economy in the world.


  Photo: Business Insider Article  / Venice Beach, Los Angeles, vs. London, England  

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